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sounds from spain

We are the alliance of organizations from all areas of the music industry, supported by the expertise of ICEX in internationalization and that of INAEM in the promotion of Spanish performing arts.

sounds from spain

We are the alliance of organizations from all areas of the music industry, supported by the expertise of ICEX in internationalization and that of INAEM in the promotion of Spanish performing arts.

Sounds from Spain
Sounds from Spain
Sounds from Spain
Sounds from Spain

More than 15 years of experience mean we understand every aspect of internationalization: audiences, programmers, companies, artists, public bodies and procedures. We have a well-connected team and provide the Spanish music industry with information about music export and the international music business. We have a well-connected team and offer all the resources and services necessary for internationalisation.


ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones is a State-owned entity that aims to encourage the internationalisation of Spanish companies, thereby contributing to their competitiveness, providing value to the economy as a whole and attracting foreign investments to Spain. It provides its services through a network of 31 provincial and territorial trade directorates in Spain and almost 100 financial and commercial offices abroad. It also has 19 business centres abroad, which offer temporary infrastructure to Spanish companies as incubators of internationalisation.

Contact: Isabel Aranda


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The Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) is the body of the State Secretariat for Culture of Spain responsible for designing and developing programmes relating to theatre, dance, music and circus. Its main goals are to promote, protect and publicise these parts of the cultural sector, promote them abroad and coordinate communication between the Autonomous Communities in these matters.

Contact: Ana Faus


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The Asociación de Representantes Técnicos del Espectáculo (ARTE) is a professional organisation. It brings together 255 professionals: managers and clients, artistic representatives, promoters and festival directors. ARTE partners represent almost all Spanish and foreign artists working in Spain. Through town councils, festival commissions and various local corporations and organisations, these same partners organise popular festivals and cultural programmes in cities and towns throughout Spain. Through its partners, it organises more than 120,000 live shows annually, which are enjoyed by 22 million people. It has over 30 years of experience and is the only professional organisation in the area of live music and art operating nationally.

Contact: Madeline Toyos


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Productores de Música de España, the Spanish Group of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). PROMUSICAE currently comprises 118 members who, taken as a whole, represent more than 90% of the national and international activity of the Spanish recorded music sector. Its main goal is to represent and defend the interests of Spanish music producers before the Public Administration and other private groups. Its mission and commitment can be summed up in the promotion of Spanish musical culture in the national and international markets, the promotion of new distribution options that offer consumers new ways to access music and collaboration with public and private groups in initiatives relating to the protection and promotion of musical creation, among others.

Contact: Carlos García Doval


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Unión Fonográfica Independiente (UFi) is the national non-profit association of SMEs specialising in music publishing and production, and the representation and hiring of artists. The association currently has more than 50 members including record labels, management offices and distributors. Its core missions are to represent the independent phonographic production sector before national and international institutions and bodies; promote and internationalise music produced and published by independent companies; train and provide information to our members, sector professionals and society in general; defend intellectual property and support cultural diversity. Internationally, UFi is a member of the board of directors of the Independent Music Companies Association (IMPALA), the Brussels-based European body that includes over 4000 independent music companies. It is also a member of WIN (Worldwide Independent Network), the organisation that includes independent record labels and their national associations from around the world.

Contact: Sonia Durán


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AIE is an association that represents musical performers. It is based in Spain and has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. It defends the intellectual property rights of music artists, as per the Intellectual Property Law. It was created as an association in 1987 and has more than 21,000 members in Spain. Through AIE’s international database of artists and other management entities, it represents more than 800,000 performers, defending their rights through periodic distribution processes. AIE has 82 signed and in-force reciprocity agreements with sister companies around the world.

Contact: Gema Sánchez


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The SGAE Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to develop social, welfare and promotional activities to distribute the directory of the members of the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE).

Its main priority is to support its more than 100,000 SGAE members through the implementation of a strategic plan covering the fields of research, training, outreach and promotion. The SGAE Foundation aims to stimulate positive changes in how writing takes place, facilitating both its development in the cultural sector and cultural industries and contact with the public and society, as well as its presence beyond our borders.

Contact: Saray Moral


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Strengths of the Spanish music industry

The presence and recognition of the Spanish music industry in the international arena allows Spanish bands and companies to open new markets and establish a solid reputation on the global scene.

Musical diversity

Spain is renowned for its musical diversity, covering a wide range of genres and styles, from flamenco and classical music to pop, rock, electronic music and reggaeton. This diversity allows Spanish artists and companies to satisfy a wide variety of musical tastes and preferences in international markets. This diversity allows Spanish artists and companies to satisfy a wide variety of musical tastes and preferences in international markets.

Cultural heritage and tradition

Spain’s rich cultural heritage and traditions are part of what makes its music so unique and authentic. This heritage gives Spanish music a unique and attractive identity and captures the interest of international audiences in search of authentic and emotional experiences.

Music infrastructure

Spain has a solid music infrastructure that includes an extensive network of concert halls, festivals, recording studios, record companies, management agencies and industry professionals. This infrastructure provides for Spanish artists and companies with support and opportunities to develop their careers, produce high-quality music and promote themselves internationally.

Innovation and creativity

The Spanish music industry is characterised by its capacity for innovation and creativity. Artists and industry professionals are constantly experimenting, combining genres and exploring new sounds and forms of presentation. It is these capabilities that enrich the Spanish musical offering and make it relevant and attractive in international markets.

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