What we do

We facilitate the promotion and expansion of Spanish music in international markets, offering artists and companies in the music sector the resources, contacts and support necessary for their internationalization.

Sounds from Spain
Sounds from Spain
Sounds from Spain
Sounds from Spain

We act as a service and resource center for exporters of music created in Spain, developing promotional tools, maintaining a constant presence in the main festivals and markets and supporting networking activities aimed at companies in the Spanish music industry.

We generate contacts in networking sessions.

We facilitate networking in the international music industry. We organise meetings and networking activities with key professionals, such as record labels, promoters, booking agents, festivals and other major players.

We take part in key international festivals and markets.

Sounds from Spain facilitates the participation of artists and companies in the music industry’s international events. We provide logistical support, advice and visibility for these key events, such as BIME, LAMC, WOMEX, FIMPRO, Fluvial or M pour Montréal.

We develop new programmes and tools.

We develop innovative programmes to meet the industry’s emerging needs. In 2023, we launched an innovative programme to support the positioning of music created in Spain on digital platforms.

We promote Spanish music around the world.

We promote Spanish music internationally. We use various communication channels, such as social media, newsletters and websites to give greater visibility to artists, companies, events and releases.

We provide information about Spanish music export.

We offer advice and support to artists and companies interested in expanding into international markets. We provide information on trends and business opportunities, promotion strategies, legal and logistical aspects, and other areas relevant to internationalisation in the music industry.

We organise showcases and concerts.

We organise and promote showcases and concerts in different countries and international festivals. These events allow Spanish artists to showcase their talent and connect with audiences and industry professionals in different markets.


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