Sounds From Spain will be present at LAMC 2023

Four bands will perform at this year’s showcase: Lia Kali, María de Juan, Omar Montes and Paula Mattheus.

Lia Kali, María de Juan, Omar Montes and Paula Mattheus will participate, in New York, in the concert organized by Sounds from Spain on the occasion of its participation in the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) to be held from July 11 to 15, 2023.



Four artistic proposals that represent the wide variety of musical styles predominant in the current Spanish music scene. Urban, pop, copla, flamenco or reggaeton are some of the rhythms that the professional audience attending the conference will be able to listen to at the promotional concert scheduled for July 12 at 7 p.m. at DROM, a venue in the heart of the East Village.



Lia Kali He discovered music at home and at the age of 16 years old he rode his bicycle to all the jams in Barcelona, where he met many musicians and artists of the Barcelona scene and where he dialogued with reggae, jazz, soul and rap. Since then, he has never stopped singing. She makes the leap from the jams to other stages with various projects, such as the Amy Winehouse tribute, and this is how she reaffirms her love affair with the stage: that’s her place. This is how Lia Kali begins to compose the soundtrack of her daily falls and how collaborations with Lupita’s Friends, Sofia Gabanna, Santa Salut, Elane, Hard GZ, Denom, Delaossa and many others. Without leaving aside the world of collabos and being one of the most sought-after voices on the scene, Lia Kali releases in March 2023 her long-awaited first solo album. Learn more about Lia Kali by clicking on this link.



María de Juan Neo-folklore possessed by drama. A revision of the Spanish copla, wrapped in a cinematographic imaginary, with the surprising production of Lalo GV, in which string instruments, trumpets, drums and percussion are combined with synthesizers and samples to compose a new electronic pop base that replaces the traditional orchestral lines of the copla. A fusion in which voice and organic instruments, typical of the Spanish copla, are treated as current pop or electronic productions. Direct lyrics, powerful image and songs that can be sung or danced to…And the copla was the music of the street, the “urban” of the time, connecting with the stories of those songs that were theirs, and at the same time a way of expressing feelings, passion and pain, masked with drama, flowers, power and curls in the hair. As Carlos Cano used to say “The copla is the way to shout what pleases and what hurts”. Learn more about María de Juan by clicking on this link.



Omar Montes Omar Montes has become the voice of a generation that continues to enjoy urban music with touches of flamenco. His musical presentation on stage aims to follow the line of his album, dialoguing between two worlds: flamenco and urban music (trap, reggaeton, drill,…) In his latest album he sings to the flamenco of his roots, with the collaboration of “the greatest of flamenco”: from La Tana to Duquende, through Israel Fernandez, Tomatito, Estrella Morente or El Piraña, as well as Farruko and Malu. Learn more about Omar Montes by clicking on this link.



Paula Mattheus Paula Mattheus, described as “pop author”, is a young artist, musician and composer of all her songs, who has come to give a new and fresh air to the music of our country with her unique voice, broken and sweet at the same time.Her lyrics are emphatic and in them you can see the influence of her great references such as Rosana, Ismael Serrano, Antonio Flores, Quique Gonzalez, Joaquín Sabina, Andrés Suárez or Rozalén.Paula has spent her whole life expressing herself through her lyrics, first in the form of letters and then in the form of songs since she began to play the guitar and discovered her love for music. Now these songs are a means to unburden oneself openly about the most everyday issues. In November 2022 he presented his first album “Mi concierto en el balcón” and this year 2023 he has started a tour throughout Spain, highlighting the soldout of La Rivera (Madrid) last April. Learn more about Paula Mattheus by clicking on this link.



In addition to the promotional concert, Sounds from Spain will present ten companies at LAMC’s exclusive professional marketplace at the Intercontinental New York Times Square:

AMY PRODUCCIONES: Amy Producciones is a company with a wide experience in all aspects related to the organization of events, covering in a global way all the needs of any kind of public event. Learn more about Amy Producciones by clicking on this link.


BLACK BOX MASTERING is a world-class mastering studio run by Latin Grammy award-winning engineer Miguel Angel Gonzalez. Some of the artists whose works they have mastered are Alejandro Sanz, David Bisbal, Lola Indigo, Pablo Alborán, Café Quijano, Dani Fernández or Las Migas. Learn more about Black Box Mastering by clicking on this link.


COSTA FUTURO is a record label, publishing house and platform for the development of musical projects based in Barcelona. They manage, promote and project impactful Ibero-American music, with the support of an organized network of agents and collaborators in the main world markets. Learn more about Costa Futuro by clicking on this link.


FRENCH LATINO: A unique identity. French Latino blends Latin and Oriental cultural universes, creating the first Latin-Mediterranean music group. Learn more about French Latino by clicking on this link.


LAURA LOW: Canarian singer-songwriter Laura Low is synonymous with versatility, emotion and fluidity in equal parts. In her new work ‘Alma Vieja’, a conceptual album, the singer-songwriter from the Canary Islands rescues genres such as tango, bolero or classical music to revisit them with a modern sound. Learn more about Laura Low by clicking on this link.


MELBOSS: Mel boss develops musical projects and connects artists with their audiences anywhere in the world. We are an industry-recognized team that implements communication strategies, using the most advanced technologies, to accelerate the growth of your fanbase and the consumption of your music. Learn more about Melboss by clicking on this link.


PROPAGANDA PEL FET is a Catalan musical cooperative established in Manresa since 1996. The structure develops several projects related to music and the Society, the best known of which are a record label, a publishing house and a booking office. Learn more about Propaganda Pel Fet! by clicking on this link.


RLM has been a leading company in the music industry in Spain for 30 years, pioneer in management and booking of artists at national and international level, which today has in its portfolio consolidated careers and other emerging artists. Learn more about RLM by clicking on this link.


SON BUENOS is a Spanish company based in the Region of Murcia that works with talent with a 360º formula combining the recording, management, publishing and event production facets. As a promoter she designs and directs the first congress for musicians BigUP! as well as festivals such as Cartagena Suena, or Live Mar Menor. Learn more about Son Buenos by clicking on this link.


ZAMARA MUSIC: Zamara Music is an independent record company that produces, distributes, promotes and manages flamenco and urban music projects, with an important catalog of artists of the scene: Omar Montes, DMiguel, Salcedo, Robledo… Learn more about Zamara Music by clicking on this link.


LAMC is the most important independent music conference in Latin music and the most relevant event of its kind in the US. LAMC brings together practically all musical genres and fusions, as well as the best of Latin music and the newest sounds of rock, hip hop, indie, alt and electronic music, among others. In recent years, it has become the most important showcase for new trends in the industry.


Watch this promotional video of the Sounds from Spain delegation:

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