Sounds from Spain Returns to NYC for a new and highly-awaited edition of LAMC

The concert will feature performances from four artists including: Elane, Izaro, Maikel Delacalle and Maruja Limón on July 10th at DROM

Sounds From Spain returns for the 2024 edition of the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) in New York showcasing some of Spain’s most innovative and rising artists including, Elane, Izaro, Maikel Delacalle y Maruja Limón, which will take place from July 9th -13th.


LAMC is the largest independent Latin music conference and the most important event of its kind in the U.S. LAMC brings together a wide variety of genres and fusions, as well as the best of Latin music and the newest sounds in rock, hip-hop, indie, alt, electronic, among others. In recent years, it has become the most important showcase for new trends in the industry.


The four artists representing Sounds from Spain feature a wide variety of musical styles predominant in the current Spanish music scene including rap, R&B, Mediterranean music, pop, flamenco, roots music or electronic music.The Sounds from Spain showcase at the LAMC conference will take place on July 12th in the heart of the East Village at DROM (doors 8pm).


  • Elane Genre: Rap. The Rap community know: Elane is one of the artists who is one of the strongest and best at classic rap. She has been interested in the world of urban music since she was a child and, influenced by the Hip Hop of the 90’s and 00’s, she began to compose her first songs at the age of 17. In her lyrics, Elane, reflects a clear social, revolutionary, but above all, feminist theme. She has collaborated with artists such as Sofia Gabanna and Santa Salut, among others. In 2024 Elane presents a new album, Metamorfosis, a new collection of songs that will take her on tour for the first time accompanied by DJ, guitarist and beat boxer. Learn more about this band here.


  • Izaro. Genres: Pop, electronic music, root music. Izaro is the most important artist of the Basque Country, capable of selling out shows in her native country. She has just released her fifth album ‘Un golpe en la mesa’. A mature, lucid exercise of creation, in which she plays with pop, roots and electronic music from a contemporary point of view, to create a thermal canvas on the white. As if you put together Mikel Laboa, Rosalía, Silvana Estrada, Taylor Swift or Lykke Li in a digital slide. It has been number 4 of sales in Spain in its first week of sales. Learn more about this band here.


  • Maikel Delacalle. Genres: rap, R&B, dancehall. Born and raised in the Canary Islands, he is known for incorporating different elements from R&B, hip hop and dancehall into his music. Maikel has achieved millions of reproductions in his music videos and his songs have managed to reach the top of the charts on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. In his career as an artist, he has worked with many producers and most famous artists of the urban scene and has positioned himself as one of the most important names today. In March 2023 Maikel Delacalle made a collaboration with the Canarian artist Quevedo making a remix of his popular track Mi Nena. This same year he published his second album ‘Códigos’. Learn more about this band here.


  • Maruja Limón. Genres: Flamenco, Rumba, Latin. Maruja Limon is a all-female band from Barcelona. Their music is a journey through the geography of Catalan, flamenco, quinqui, mestizo and Latin rumba, in a crossroads of experimental, electronic and organic sounds. Six women who stand out for their original and joyous live performances. With their debut album ‘Más de ti’ they gained recognition in 2018. In 2019, they released ‘Ante Mí’ praised as one of the best albums in Spanish. In 2022, they presented ‘Vidas’ highlighting their energy and musical diversity.  In 2024 sees the light Te como la cara (A)’an EP where the Barcelona girls bite the rumba and in which they have the collaboration of outstanding producers. Learn more about this band here.


In addition to Sounds from Spain’s concert eight companies from Spain will join them at LAMC during the week at the Intercontinental New York Times Square: the mastering studio Black Box Mastering, promoters and management offices such us Deep Delay Management, GinMusica, El Pulso Delacalle, Panda Artist Management and Propaganda Pel Fet! and the two technology companies Melboss Music and Vackstage.

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