Sounds from Spain collaborates in the music creation sessions at BIME Bogotá 2023

A space for co-creation and musical coexistence in which La Sra. Tomasa collaborated with Mexican DJ Toy Selectah.

BIME Sessions is born as a musical laboratory where visiting artists and host artists meet and explore opportunities to establish ties and collaborations with each other.


The initiative is carried out by BIME through Oso Polita, record label of the parent company Last Tour. Experience and expertise at the service of BIME.


During the creation sessions, work and recording spaces were provided to carry out these encounters, coordinated by a large team of people who were in charge of the curatorship. The objective was none other than to produce one song per session that connects artists from Europe and America. Thus was born this collaboration between Mrs. Tomasa and Toy Selectah at Árbol Naranja studios during BIME Bogotá between May 3 and 7, 2023.


“The best stories to tell are born out of experiences.”


Here you can enjoy the video summary of their work together.

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