Do you want to increase the notoriety and international image of your band?

We help you with your digital marketing campaign

If you have a release before December 15, 2024, we will accompany you in the process of distribution and advertising on streaming platforms and other digital media.


ICEX Spain Export and Investment, as part of the Internationalization Plan for Spanish music and within the framework of Sounds from Spain, ICEX is launching this program to strengthen the positioning of the music products of Spanish SMEs in the music industry on streaming platforms.


Given the diversity of the Spanish musical offer and the customization required by the marketing strategy for the launching of each musical product, it is considered necessary to develop a tailor-made service for each applicant company.


For the development of this program, it has been necessary to contract a support service for companies to comprehensively address the distribution and advertising process on streaming platforms and other digital media. In this way, ICEX has selected the company La Cúpula Music, a digital distributor of recorded music that offers digital marketing support services.


Who can participate in the program?


Applicant companies for the program will be Spanish companies in the music sector, especially Spanish SMEs representing Spanish bands with international potential. To be accepted into the program, applicant companies must submit a new music release (single/s, EP or album) whose international potential is validated by both ICEX and the awarded distributor.


ICEX and the distribution company have established preferential prices for applicant companies interested in participating in the program. The campaign should target international markets and include the following services:

  • Diagnostic of the digital presence of the band
  • Obtaining ISRC codes for each of the songs to be distributed.
  • Digital distribution of all tracks comprising the release to streaming platforms
  • Development and implementation of a marketing strategy for the digital positioning of the distributed product.
  • The actions that may be contemplated within the strategy will be: advertising and inclusion in playlists of streaming platforms, advertising campaigns in social networks, campaigns in specialized digital media, creation of video clips and/or others that are duly justified.
  • Post-campaign impact report including metadata to enable quantification of impact


Advertising campaigns on social media platforms and networks should be segmented and targeted to international markets.


Each company may submit to ICEX and the distributor a distribution and campaign budget between 520 and up to 4,000 euros, VAT excluded. Application dates for the program range from April 1 to December 15, 2024.

This activity is eligible for co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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