How to select a trade fair or festival


Check this list before selecting an international trade fair.

What should I consider when selecting an international fair or festival?

Before selecting an international trade fair, it is important to evaluate several key factors:

  • Target audience: Does the fair appeal to those you seek to impact? Analyze the profile of previous attendees to ensure your company connects with the right audience.
  • Reputation and recognition: Research the reputation of the fair. Is it considered a benchmark in your sector? Have you counted on the participation of outstanding companies in previous editions? The reputation of the event can influence the quality of the visitors and the visibility your company will achieve.
  • Strategic location: Consider the relevance of the location of the fair. Is it a key meeting point for your industry? Will it facilitate the attendance of your potential customers and partners? Do you have any presence in this place?
  • Cost analysis: Evaluates the costs associated with participation in the fair.
Sounds from Spain booth at WOMEX 2023

Benefits of participating in international fairs

Participating in international trade fairs offers a range of advantages for your company:

  • Global reach: these events attract visitors from around the world, giving you the opportunity to expand your visibility globally and access new markets.
  • Networking: international trade shows bring together industry professionals and potential customers in the same space, facilitating the creation of valuable business contacts and the exploration of collaboration opportunities.
  • Project exhibition: these professional meetings allow you to present your projects to a relevant audience.
  • Market analysis: these fairs also offer the opportunity to research the market and evaluate the competition, providing you with key information to make strategic decisions in the growth of your company.
Sounds from Spain networking session at BIME Bogota 2023

Tips to maximize participation in an international trade show

To get the most out of your participation in an international trade show, consider the following tips:

  • Planning ahead: start planning and preparing well in advance. Set clear objectives and promote your participation.
  • Networking: make the most of networking opportunities. Participate in events and activities related to the fair, attend conferences and establish contacts with other exhibitors.
  • Post follow-ups: do not forget to follow up after the event.


Participating in an international trade show can be an effective strategy to expand your business globally. However, it is crucial to select the right trade show and plan effectively to maximize profits. Remember to consider the key factors, take advantage of the benefits, follow the advice provided in this guide and contact the Sounds from Spain team if you have any doubts or questions.

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