Tribade is a rap trio formed in Barcelona by MCs Bittah and Masiva Lulla. Behind the fashionable, Olympic and cool Barcelona, behind the branded city, there is still the real working class. Tribade is real HipHop, from the streets and with the will to be heard all over the world.


Rap is music made reality, and Tribade is committed to the original culture of this style to denounce and empower through rhythms and poetry. Their lyrics bring to the 21st century the universe of two women struggling against precariousness in a society full of male privilege. In addition, they amplify with their poetry generally silenced realities such as local and neighborhood struggles, LGTB, anti-fascist activism, etc. With their music, a fresh and original combination of rap with flamenco, soul, afrotrap and reggaeton, Tribade make it clearer than ever that Barcelona is not only rumba and mestizaje.


In 2019 they debuted with ‘Las Desheredadas’, a first album that took the Tribade touring big stages around the world such as the TransMusicales in France, the Eurosonics in Holland, or the SWSW in Texas among many others.


2022 was the year Tribade: ‘Dyke’, their second album arrives, a great album that has come to shake the scene and that you can enjoy live from March, month from which the Barcelona band will begin to present the album to make you sing and dance to their hits.

Tribade is real HipHop, which comes out of the popular neighborhoods and wants to be heard everywhere. Follow them closely, the best is yet to come!