Queralt Lahoz

Queralt Lahoz is, without a doubt, one of the musical sensations of recent years in our country, and now also beyond its borders. Recently awarded with one of the prestigious Music Moves Europe 2023 prizes, granted by the European Union, she is one of the artists with the most present and future of the national scene, leading one of the most groundbreaking and attractive musical proposals of the moment.


Born in Santa Coloma de Gramanet, a center of Andalusian migration where most of her family migrated from Granada. She learned to speak by singing under the ear of her grandmother Maria, who would ask him to sing coplas, flamenco and boleros at home, where a radio played at all hours. The young singer has always wanted to interpret from what she feels true, where there is root and respect, that is why she will not stop doing it now and wants to undertake this project that has been working for years to mix everything she has learned from her truth. In her music, crossed by Latin, roots and urban sounds, soul, hip hop and dancehall dialogue with grace and naturalness over an aura of coplas and boleros that emerge spontaneously from her flamenco origins and her personal landscapes.



This daughter of emigration from Santa Coloma de Gramanet bases her music on the roots that unite flamenco with the urban sounds of today, as well as son and bolero. that come from before. New identities in constant mutation, a world that does not stand still and an artist to defend it with distinction.
Luis Hidalgo
El País