Paula Mattheus

Paula Mattheus has arrived to give a new and fresh air to the music of our country with her unique voice , broken and sweet at the same time. The young artist, musician and composer of all her songs, leaves no one indifferent, falling in love every time she gets on stage with eminently beautiful songs, the kind that make your life happy, and make you enjoy her live show to the fullest.


Paula Mattheus, born in Getxo (Vizcaya), is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter with a unique personality, who enjoys exploring everything that music has to offer.


She belongs to the new generation of young singer-songwriters who keep learning about music and discovering new sounds. She has a personal and unique voice, broken but strong, with a beautiful vibrato. Her incredible lyrics and her writing style are influenced by Rosana, Ismael Serrano, Antonio Flores, Quique Gonzalez, Joaquín Sabina, Andrés Suárez o Rozalén. Paula has always had the need to express herself, first writing letters and then writing songs since she began to play the guitar and discovered her love for music. Now she uses these songs to vent openly on the most everyday issues.


After several years playing at bars with a band and solo, this young artists launches her first EP ‘Veintitantas Primaveras’ on October 2021, which reached the 32nd position in the sales raking. Produced by Ismael Guijarro (Rozalén, Alba Reche) and Juan Guevara this EP is composed by 6 powerful songs that bear her indisputable seal of authorship, except from ‘Te lo dije de verdad’, a song composed along with Andrés Suárez. Paula Mattheus presents us six songs that tell real stories with which we can all identify, with carefully detailed lyrics, the indisputable personality of her voice and a very luminous sound.