Pablo Lesuit

Pablo Lesuit is a multi-instrumentalist musician, singer and composer from Galicia who stands out in the new Ibero-American song scene for his personal and independent style. Pablo’s music does not understand borders or labels; free, it travels through intense landscapes in which the poetry of his lyrics is combined with large doses of percussion, guitars and samplers. In recent years he has collaborated in recordings and concerts with artists such as Jorge Drexler, Eladio y Los Seres Queridos or the Argentine Esmeralda Escalanteof Aínda Dúo, and has participated in major festivals in Spain and Latin America.


At the beginning of 2017, finishing the tour of his previous album: Tiempo, he performed a series of concerts in Uruguay and Argentina. When he arrives at the meeting of Serenadas musicians in La Paloma, on the coast of Uruguay, and fascinated by what he finds, he decides to change course. He cancels the recording dates of his new album in Madrid, his return to Spain and begins a journey of musical and personal exploration. Accompanied by his guitar, a computer and a microphone, he embarks on a route in which he makes recordings with musicians he meets along the way. This is how the itinerant recording of their new album begins: Belorizontea precious souvenir that has left no one indifferent.


His latest release, Quién Me Salva with Jenny and The Mexicats, stars in a universe of beats, samplers and synthesizers that Pablo includes creating a unique personality as a result of this collaboration. Quién Me Salva is a classic rumba but different, energetic and melancholic, but above all fun.


Live, his careful and harmonic music is an experience in which the audience enjoys and dances to his songs.