La Sra. Tomasa

La Sra. Tomasa offers an unconventional, risky fusion of styles that challenges as well as respects the roots on which the different musical styles they mix are based. Young people who defend their heritage, because they owe all their learning to it. They use Latin American folkloric styles (timba, salsa, guaguancó, guaguancó, etc.) as well as reggae, funk or rap, that color the different and current urban and electronic tendencies.


They offer a clear image: the more organic and human part as a variable that complements the electronic part as a constant that represents the present. It is the will and the desire to contribute something different to the mestizo and electronic panorama, due to the unconscious conviction that progress is the most important characteristic of humanity.


The result is an innovative sound that defends individuality but shows itself as an open book, inviting us to lose our fear of each other because of the differences that make us unique. The live show, full of strength and vitality, is infectious to an audience that will never be taken away from the desire to experience something new.


La Sra. Tomasa was born out of the desire to create an alternative product, different from what was being played on the music scene at the time. A band created from musicians from different projects, united towards the same goal.