Marta Knight

Marta Knight says she just wants to make songs to listen to in her room while everyone is asleep. It all fits together reviewing “Peterloo Heroes” (2017), a debut EP that contained five cuts on guitar and vocals. Already from those first recording steps we could sense a strong personality as a composer and an innate ability to enter into her own vision of the world. One of the strengths of her proposal is precisely the closeness of pieces that speak to you with the complicity of someone you have known all your life. That confessional tone, that shoulder to lean on, is one of its main charms, but not the only one.

That her single “Resurrection” (2018) connected with a millionaire audience is explained, in part, by the irresistibility of her hooks and by a melodic aim that make it evident that we are in front of a talent out of the ordinary. All of the above is still present in “Strange Times Forever” (2022), their debut album. We have seen her grow older musically speaking in front of us, song by song until delivering a debut album that oozes purity and intensity of feeling. In parallel, their indie rock proposal has been gaining in depth and nuances thanks to the band and production, a perfect coating for a more than solid compositional framework. All this makes this work an album that invites to be listened to compulsively, to not stop until its lyrics merge with one’s own memories.


“Strange Times Forever” has taken Marta to play all over the country and beyond, including SXSW (Austin), Focus Wales, ESNS Eurosonic (Holland), MIL Lisboa or festivals as important as Primavera Sound, BIME City or Mallorca Live.