Lorenzo Soria

“Caleuche” is the first reference by Lorenzo Soria (the man responsible for the most electronic part of Califato 3/4). Sebastián Orellana has brought Sebastián Orellana for it and they have both made a great album, one of those in which musicians with concerns live nowadays, one of those within the current extreme multicultural amalgam.


Sebastián Orellana is Chilean, comes from the world of boleros and traditional Latin music, came to Spain, fell in love and here he is making music with Lorenzo (among other things). Lorenzo is strongly influenced by French touch electronica and techno. He started playing electronic music, breakbeat and reggaeton when he was twelve years old in parties of his age, one of those light parties for pre-adolescents in Seville.


La rave amigos, la rave (pronounced without an English accent, please). Here everything has already exploded: put in, shake and serve. Lorenzo Soria started playing in underground raves where he mixed street music and flamenco with breakbeat and other electronic sounds.


“Caleuche” is a cocktail of backgrounds, cultures and musical tastes. It’s like if you put Mad Professor, Frente Cumbiero and M.I.A. in the same room with 16 year olds and their minds explode. But not an M.I.A. as we know her, no…one that instead of living in London would have lived in Seville. A Brodinkski who instead of going to Atlanta would have gone to Chile. That’s right.

Lorenzo and Sebastián are joined by artists, graffiti artists, rappers and all the essence of the Seville mix. Urban vs. traditional vs. European techno music, as we said…to serve and feel without prejudiced looks. Their own soundsystem that mixes Latin rhythms and sounds with psychedelia, electronica and Andalusian folklore.