Lia Kali

Lia Kali closed a spectacular 2023 with her debut album ‘Contra todo pronóstico’ and a handful of singles that she has presented on a world tour that will continue in 2024.

Lia Kali discovered music at home and at the age of 16 she went to all the jams in Barcelona on her bike.


It is in the jams where she establishes relationships with many musicians and artists of the Barcelona scene and where she dialogues with reggae, jazz, soul and rap. Since then, she has never stopped singing. She makes the leap from the jams to other stages with various projects, such as the tribute to Amy Winehouse, and this is how she reaffirms her love affair with the stage: that is her place.


With the pandemic and fed up with singing other people’s songs, she starts writing her own songs and discovers the personal healing involved in the process. This is how Lia Kali begins to compose the soundtrack of her daily falls and how collaborations with Lupita’s Friends, Sofia Gabanna, Santa Salut, Elane, Hard GZ, Denom, Delaossa and many others. Without leaving aside the world of collabos and being one of the most requested voices of the scene, Lia Kali presented in 2023 her awaited first solo album.