Israel B

 Israel B is in one of the reference artists in the urban scene with more than 1 million monthly listeners always accompanied live by producers LOWLIGHT.


At the end of 2018 he presents his first solo EP “Hielo”, which sneaks into the TOP 100 albums in Spain. His second Ep “Who is Israel B”, released in 2019, enters the list again and reaches the gold record for his single “YYANOSE”, also achieving a place in the worldwide viral TOP on Spotify. One of the songs that made him in the Top 10 of Spotify was “Tranquilisimo”.


In the fall of 2022 the Orcasitas returns to the load by releasing an Lp with 9 cuts, “El Ejército de un hombre solo “.


In 2023 Israel B celebrates the presentation tour of his album EED1HS with more than 40 dates throughout Spain closing the tour successfully at La Riviera in Madrid.




Formerly known as Markés, the Madrid native is one of the pioneers of the country's underground urban scene. Something for which he has earned an unquestionable respect that leads him to maintain his position with ease. His evolution over the years has been eclectic and has not been linear; but now, already mature, with this work and the previous one ('Hielo'), he has managed to build an interesting and recognizable style together with LOWLIGHT.
Luis M. Maínez
Mondo Sonoro