Ginebras are Magüi (rhythm guitar and lead vocals), Sandra (lead guitar and second vocals), Raquel (bass) and Juls (drums), four girls with a desire to eat the world who have created their own pop universe with indie touches and always accompanied by autobiographical lyrics told with a lot of humor and with rollito.

In March 2023 they released their second LP “Who is Billie Max?” an album that includes 11 songs, among which we find hits such as “Alex Turner“, “Ansiedad“, Desastre de Persona” for which they have counted with the collaboration of Dani Martín, and “Muchas gracias por venirpublished next to a documentary filming his recording at the historic Abbey Road Studios (London). It is completed by titles as suggestive as “En bolas“, “Qué gozadita“, “Omeprazol“, “He resucitado a Elvis“, “Rapapa“and the one that introduces us to the roller coaster of emotions that is the album, “Billie Max“. Round up the tracklist “Lunes negrofor which they have teamed up with their colleagues from Vanana Records and friends, Karavana. This work shows us a more mature band, more daring and at the same time more courageous. On a musical level there is also a clear evolution with respect to their previous references.


Ginebras has been selected in 2022 as the only band in the RADAR SPAIN Spotify program and at the same time, also by Spotify Global with worldwide distribution as evidenced by its presence on the screens screens at Times Square at New York.





Rarely does one have the opportunity to release an album with the experience of having toured with a debut, but with the enthusiasm and energy of a first time. "Who is Billie Max?" is precisely that burst of life that only experience gives. With their second studio album, the Madrid-based quartet has established themselves as those girls who manage to make life easy, everyday life extraordinary and setbacks into authentic festival anthems. Welcome to the roller coaster that is walking in the shoes of Ginebras.
Eva Sebastian
Mondo Sonoro