Eva McBel

Eva McBel began her first steps on stage at the early age of 16, as a cover artist, and soon after began writing her own songs.


After moving to Madrid at 18, her career began to take off slowly as she played many of Madrid’s most emblematic venues, and while she and a handful of other artists just starting out began using El Búho Real’s open mic as a meeting point, where they would develop their craft for the next two years. Finally, in 2020, she released her first EP, “Some Kind of Portrait”, which soon thereafter started making the rounds with the critics, earning her only positive reviews and eventually led to her winning “Best EP of 2020” at the Premios de la Música Aragonesa. Writing mainly in English, and garnering musical references that spanned from Jacob Banks to The Lumineers, the record managed to make waves outside of Spain; from appearing in Australian tv show, to appearing on the US radio.


2021 saw the artist hard at work in the middle of a pandemic to prepare her first LP, “I’m Glad You Happened”, which was released in January 2023. Working with producers Bela Transa, this new work promises to expand on what was already a very ambitious project of someone who has only just begun.