Arde Bogotá

After receiving several recognitions in their first work called La Noche (Sony Music 2021), transmitting the chiaroscuro of their aspirations and generational disappointments with a spectacular imaginary of sold out vinyls, permanence in outstanding lists, enthusiastic followers and overflowing concert halls throughout the Spanish territory, Arde Bogotá now presents a declaration of intentions where only they know the limits with a new album and a new live show.


The trip began with their almighty “Antiaéreo”, which made them stomp and enter the eye of the hurricane without any consideration and draw the attention of the national music industry. El Tiempo y la Actitud ( Sony Music 2020) , EP of five tracks, was the beginning of their adventure, a collection of songs, produced in period of confinement, by producer and guitarist, Lalo GV, and a concept, which moves from seduction to rage, passing through irreverence and declarations of love.


With the release of their first album, La Noche (Sony Music 2021), they return to vindicate the chiaroscuro of their generation, again with the production of Lalo GV, to immerse us in the story of a night in which anything can happen. A debut album that has received several awards, such as the nomination in the Odeon Awards 2021 and 2022, as a rock revelation group or being winners of Best Rock Album in the Music Awards of the Region of Murcia. An album that took them on a tour of more than 86 concerts in concert halls and festivals throughout Spain, with full houses. As an incredible tour finale, after entering rotation on Radioacktiva Planeta Rock in Colombia with Exoplaneta, an anthem par excellence, they presented their live show at the Movistar Arena in Bogota last December as part of the Gingle Bell Rock event, for more than 10 thousand people.


Arde Bogotá’s second work is the stories of a journey, the one that takes them to and from Cartagena to the rest of Spain, to make rock&roll, whose release happened in May 2023.



In short, if with their debut I thought they were teaching us how to make sharp rock in 2021 in the style of Arctic Monkeys, Foals or Kaiser Chiefs in the Spanish style, with this one I have no doubt that they have already become true masters of the genre. Long live these cowboys of the road, may they never leave it.
Alejandro Caballero
Mondo Sonoro