Ben Yart

Ben Yart transfers to his music the story of his life, his experiences and the daily life of a kid from Mendillorri in Pamplona. After releasing his first tracks, such as soy la Ama (2016) or Napia Blanca (2020), through YouTube, Benito has quickly carved out a niche for himself in the national urban landscapeHe has collaborated with artists such as El Mini, Rojuu, or Cecilio G, or participated in the mixtape compilation La Vendición Vol.1, with his self-produced single Barriobajero.


With the help of Oso Polita, he released his single Mañaneo in 2021, followed by the first complete mixtape, Pitxu en Casa, composed and produced by the artist himself, in which he explores the loneliness that isolation brought him and the lack of purpose. In 2023, after the success of Ceros, his Gallery Sessions single, Ben Yart releases the mixtape of the same name, Ceros, with 11 tracks that mix rawness and irony in equal parts, followed by his latest single Popper.


Marked by youth and in constant artistic effervescence, the Mendillorri native continues to climb in the music scene, having toured throughout the state with his collective Chill Mafia, making stops at festivals like Primavera Sound 2022. This year they are starting their Día de Paga tour, with performances in Latin America such as Cosquin Rock or Centro España, and throughout Spain in venues such as Razzmatazz, Dabadab or La Paqui.



Benito is one of those artists that are already scarce in today's music scene. He is someone who uses his music as a story of his life, and that is why he develops a strong connection with his listeners. It's not often you come across a Ben Yart release, so when we heard about 'Ceros' through his networks, it was impossible not to get excited. Through this new mixtape, we will get to know the artist's thoughts, his way of seeing life and the value of things.
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