Belako, the post punk band from Vizcaya -and that has been active for twelve years- released in 2023 their fifth studio album, “Sigo regando”. Josu Ximun Billelabeitia, Lore Nekane Billelabeitia, Lander Zalakain and Cris Lizarraga have already toured the globe several times, in 2012 they opened for the legend Elvis Costello and, far from getting tired, the four Basque friends are still going strong and as one of the national punk rock bands. The retro-futuristic sounds that characterize the band, are not exactly faithful to any particular musical style, but you can perceive in them the crossings of raw punk-rock sounds as well as warm environments of the symphonic electronics. Despite singing most of their songs in English, the band also keeps in their repertoire songs in Basque. Live, the freshness of the young members of the group is enhanced by the great energy and motivation they display on stage.

BELAKO are from Mungía (Vizcaya, Basque Country, Spain) and are presented in 2014 with their first album “AAAA!!!!” winning awards such as “El Ojo Critico” of RNE, the Rolling Stone Award to the revelation group, the Iberian Music Awards or the Independent Music Awards for best artist, best live performance of the year and best video clip, nominated for the MTV or the Premios Ruido de la Asociacion de Prensa Musical. Being one of the most prestigious local and international bands of the independent scene, BELAKO quickly won contests on Radio 3 and Gaztea, bringing to the music great songs apparently simple but rounded. Full of intensity, hypnotic melodies, aggressive guitar attacks and full of tension, obsessive bass lines, drums with an elegantly restrained weight waiting to attack with empathetic live performances that passed like a steamroller from darkness to light, from the 80s to the XXI century voices that mutated from murmur to scream, post punk, electronic, howling, restlessness ….

“Hamen” (2017), their second work, meant “here” in Basque. And with this album BELAKO showed their credentials. BELAKO has the energy, the capacity for hypnosis and empathy and has the quality and intuition to round off a second album, a cry of protest against gender violence, the blockade of refugees and immigrants, the corruption of the political class, and the… From the perspective of a generation struggling for an uncertain future, often far from home, and swimming between social gaps and the daze of new technologies. In 2020 “Plastic Drama” is presented, an album self-produced by Belako Rekords with the license of BMG International and perhaps, the most ambitious, reflexive and, above all, vindicative title of the band. His fifth studio album, “Sigo regando”, was released in 2023.



Their forth album 'Plastic Drama' is full of the kind of confidence it takes to be unforgettable. With sprawling breakdowns that lead into the hookiest of choruses, this record is Belako's wildest adventure yet.
Ali Shutler