Barry B

Barry B is the musical project of Gabriel Barriuso García created in Aranda de Duero (Burgos) in July 2019. Gabriel always had an interest in music and started in music with a rock band, The Girondines with Sam Gold, when he was a kid, which he put aside for a while to study and later return with a solo project. He started making music with the Garage Band app on his iPad, and Kit Kat or Taj Mahal was born. In the sights of record labels and on the lips of renowned artists and producers, Barry is slowly making his way in the industry. Drummie (Producer) and Sam (Guitarist), lifelong friends of his, would join his project to create Soleá. This song opened up a niche for him in the current Madrid scene.


Barry B is two sides of the same coin that falls flat. It is the raw, crazy, impulsive and romantic side of any person who does not know how to place himself in this society. Unpredictable and original. He drinks from rock, punk, electronica, hip hop and funk and is inspired by the experiences that nullify and revive his existence. Keep your pupils dilated and your ears pressed together. It takes something to surprise you and make you feel alive again. Barry is going all out.



If anything characterizes Barry B's career, it is to have opted for a conception of himself as an artist in which originality is the key concept. Barry B, after becoming known with his song "Kit Kat" (21) and signing with Sony Music, has been releasing singles, including his popular "ROCKIES" or "bla bla bla". Now, after two years since his boom and a dozen single tracks, he has released "Eternal Pink", a more ambitious project, divided into three acts with the tracks "SWISH", "RUE DU MERCURE" and "NO ES NO LEGAL".
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