Anni B Sweet

Anni B Sweet is a singer, songwriter and musician from Málaga who made her debut on Subterfuge in 2009 with “Start, Restart, Undo”, an album of melancholic and delicate folk which quickly placed her at the forefront of Spanish music and gave her an international breakthrough: published on 11 countries and rotating by America, Europe and Asia.


In the spring of 2015, Anni B Sweet released her third album, “Chasing Illusions”, an album that moves between the soul of the sixties, the new wave of the eighties and the rock punch of the seventies. In 2019 Anni B Sweet returns with a new album, her fourth album and first in Spanish and entitled “Universo por estrenar”. A total change from her 3 previous albums, as it is composed entirely in Spanish and launches into the perfect pop of infectious choruses with retro-futuristic electronic arrangements and neo-psychedelia. A marvel of one of our most international artists.


She breaks new ground with her first sg “Buen Viaje”: a cheerful, catchy, fresh, electric song. A song that when it ends you would want it to go on in an infinite loop. A universal theme that gives us the strength to say goodbye without rancor and fill us with light. “Buen Viaje” comes to be the song of spring that will take us to a “Universe to Premiere”. Recorded between London and Granada, mastered in the USA, the album is produced by James Bagshaw, leader, singer and producer of the albums of the British band Temples, who has so connected with the spirit and art of Anni B Sweet that this is her first production beyond her own band.