Alberto & Garcia

Alberto & García is a band with a long history, with roots in Latin American folklore, classic pop-rock, electronic music and texts in Spanish. Alberto & García have taken their live music to halls, theaters, venues and festivals all over the country during the last few years. At the end of 2023, after performing the first part of the tour “La Herida”, they make the leap to the other side of the Atlantic, with launching, promotion and visits to Mexico and Chile.


Alberto & García have a self-released EP to their credit, Exiles” (2011) and the albums. Law of Gravity” (Sony Music, 2014), the documentary-disc. Voladores” ( Boomerang Discos, 2016) recorded in different points of eastern Asturias, “El Buen Salvaje” (Boomerang Discos, 2018), the EP. Paranormal Phenomena” (Boomerang Discos, 2019), the full-length. Flores Negras” ( Boomerang Discos, 2020), the live album. “Flowers at the Campoamor”. (Boomerang Discos, 2021) recorded on the Campoamor Theater of Oviedo and the last one, “The Wound” (Boomerang Discos 2023), once again under the musical production of Toni Brunet and is composed of 12 unreleased songs in which they also count with the collaboration of Jairo Zabala (Depedro, La Vaca Azul, Caléxico, ) in the song “La Vaca Azul”. “Por El Camino”. Artists such as David Ruiz (La MODA), DePedro, Tulsa, Soledad Vélez or Muerdo have collaborated in his work.



The first impression of the band Alberto & García on stage is a reflection of their music: they sound like cumbia and pasodoble, rock and folk, spring and bonfire, all with an Asturian accent and without complexes. This Wednesday they presented their fifth album, La herida, just released, and demonstrated that musical quality is not incompatible with having a good time.
Andrea Nogueira
El País