Júlia Colom

Valldemossa, 1997. A music lover since childhood, he soon discovered his vocation as a soloist and began to work in a unique style in which jazz, Mediterranean song, American bolero and popular and traditional Mallorcan music coexist. Her career emerged during her adolescence, when she began to perform all over Mallorca, often accompanied by renowned veteran musicians of the music scene. He currently lives in Barcelona, where he continues his musical training, while giving life to the songs that will make up his first professional work.



Trained in jazz singing at the Taller de Músics in Barcelona, she has been interested in traditional music since she was very young. In 2019 he travels through the villages of Mallorca in search of singers belonging to the last generation of the pre-tourist Mallorca, with the aim of teaching him old tunes and songs. The audiovisual platform Filmin is interested in documenting this research and recovery process, with the support of IB3 Televisió. The result is the documentary Sempre dijous, directed by Joan Porcel, which won the Festival Inèdit 2020 in the category of Best National Documentary.


Colom is part of Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés’ Clamor tour as a backing vocalist, and he also writes songs, which he will soon publish on his first album. The singer knows how to find, nowadays, a place to dignify a traditional identity that often seems forgotten and diluted in the accelerated life of post-modernity.



If nothing goes wrong, the Mallorcan will stand out on her own merits within this new wave of artists. You only have to listen to "Miramar" to see how he combines his own and other people's harvest, with pieces that are part of the Mallorcan rural past ("Que m'abrasaba", "Tonada de segar" and "Tonada de collir figues") with others that are not. But, of this batch of compositions that evidences the great talent of the young woman, "Persones" is the best demonstration that artistic maturity does not have to be linked to your date of birth. Listening to "Miramar", anyone could imagine that Júlia Colom has been doing this for more than twenty years.
Toni Castarnado
Mondo Sonoro