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Fluvial is a meeting designed for the development of the Chilean music industry to the world, with a meeting with agents from many countries.

FLUVIAL is a space where artists and agents of the world music and creative industry converge in an atmosphere of celebration and reflection, with concerts and interventions in public spaces and halls of the city. The proposal is consolidated in two large blocks: conference and festival, where music and the river-urban landscape of the historic city of Valdivia (1552) serve as the basis for a cultural experience at the same time that different agents, managers and producers, exchange ideas, knowledge and articulate business for the global circulation of music.

The objective of the activity organized by Sounds from Spain is to present the Spanish musical offer to the most important agents in Chile, Latin America and the Spanish market for the United States, and to assess the real export possibilities of the catalogs. It is also intended to emphasize live performances with the programming of showcases by Sounds from Spain.

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It is an international event, which operates as a showcase for talent and an instance that accelerates access to professional networks globally, facilitating opportunities for business and cultural cooperation partnerships.

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